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Customized Orthotic Braces in Dundas Valley

We are committed to providing you with the most appropriate custom made or off the shelf bracing to help get you moving again. Our team of Pedorthists at Dundas Valley Orthotics can help you find the right orthopedic appliances that will meet your specific individual needs.


Get back to enjoying the activities you love without your feet or achy joints slowing you down. Visit Dundas Valley Orthotics for custom orthotics, bracing and footwear to relieve soreness and promote health. We treat patients of all ages from youngsters and teens with sports injuries to older patients with arthritis or heel spurs.


We have many types of braces from trusted brand-name suppliers. For more information on the specific brands, please visit the links below:

Book an Appointment in Dundas

Call us today to schedule your orthotic, shoe or brace consultation.

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