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Orthopedic Footwear in the Dundas Valley – Find the Right Fit for You

Dundas Valley Orthotics is dedicated to finding a solution for your foot and lower limb issues. We are healthcare professionals ensuring that you have access to a number of orthopedic options for your specific needs. You are our main focus and we do our best to answer any questions you may have about your new orthopedic products.


Do you have painful feet from years of walking, jogging or playing sports? Visit us to find footwear that is correct for you and your activity.


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Footwear Brands

We supply and carry many footwear brands to help fit you best. For more information on the specific brands, visit the links below:

Ortho feet footwear

The shoes you wear everyday - for work and play, provide your feet and legs with support they need for the majority of the day. The selection process is very important to maintaining your healthy, active lifestyle.

When selecting footwear, it is important you carefully consider their fit and function to ensure they will provide you with the support or cushion needed to relieve your pain. This is important for all ages, particularly:

Children whose feet are developing

Adults who spend hours on their feet and often suffer from foot and leg discomfort (they may be unaware it’s caused by improper footwear)

Senior citizens – as studies have shown that improper footwear is one of the leading causes of falls

Shoe Tests

We have shoe tests you can perform to help ensure you are selecting the right size and type of footwear. They include:

Tracing Test

To evaluate the fit of prospective new footwear, have someone trace the outline of your foot while you’re standing. Then place the insole of your shoe over the tracing to compare your foot shape to the shoe shape. Most of the tracing should be contained within the insole, especially the heel and ball. If it isn’t contained, the shoe will not fit your foot properly and will cause discomfort, pain and premature wear.

Heel Counter Test

The heel counter is the hard piece in the back of the shoe that controls the foot’s motion from side-to-side. A strong heel counter increases stability providing better support for your foot. To quickly test the effectiveness of a shoe’s heel counter, place the shoe in the palm of your hand with your thumb in the mid-portion of the heel counter. Try to push the back of the shoe. If the heel counter does not bend much, it will provide the motion control your foot requires.

Shoe with high heel

Footwear Modification

Footwear with orthopedic features offer many benefits, however sometimes shoes may still need to be modified or customized to better support and accommodate individual needs. As a C.Ped(C) we can complete a wide range of modifications from simple to complex, temporary or permanent, that include:

Stretching: to improve the fit of a shoe

Bubble patches: to increase the room in the shoe and reduce the pressure on sensitive areas

Sole splits: to increase the width of the sole up to 3/8″

Excavations: to reduce the pressure on sensitive areas

Reinforcements: to strengthen an area and reduce premature wear

Flares and buttresses: to strengthen the shoe, widen the base of support and stop the foot from distorting the shoe

Rocker soles: to relieve pain in the ball of the foot, aggressively offload certain areas of the foot or to improve gait by aiding the heel contact or push off phase of gait

Lifts: to accommodate leg length differences

These modifications can be made to everyday footwear as well as to some athletic footwear. Some modifications are not appropriate for all types of footwear so you should discuss your options with your Canadian Certified Pedorthist.

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