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Providing Custom Orthotics in Dundas & Beyond

Your foot is like the foundation of your house. Any misalignment in your foot or ankle can lead to heel pain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and even back pain. See our Certified Pedorthists for orthotic solutions that can provide needed support and correction to help realign your joints.

Direct Mold

We will assess for, manufacture and fit you for your custom orthotics to alleviate your foot, ankle, knee and back pain. Following your consultation, we will determine the appropriate treatment to help improve function in your feet and make standing, walking and running comfortable again.

We provide custom orthotics in Dundas for the following conditions:



Arch pain

Forefoot pain

Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)

Achilles pain

Bunions and bunionettes

Shin splints

Claw and hammer toes

Knee pain

Limb length discrepancies

Sports injuries


Other injuries due to accidents

In addition to traditional plaster castings and manufacturing techniques, we also offer environmentally friendly 3D printed Orthotics.

Casting Techniques

At Dundas Valley Orthotics, we employ a variety of casting techniques and technologies to make an accurate impression of a patient’s foot and develop perfect-fitting custom-made orthotics. Our Pedorthic casting techniques include:

Plaster Slipper Casting

While sitting or laying down, plaster is applied to the bottom and sides of the foot. Once dried, the set plaster is gently pulled away to reveal an accurate 3D mold for the orthotic.

Foam Box

With the patient sitting, the Pedorthist gently places the patient’s foot on top of a foam box and slowly applies some weight to the foot as it sinks into the foam to capture an accurate 3D impression of the foot. This 3D mold is then used to fabricate the orthotic.

Direct Mold

The shell material for the orthotic is heated to a desired temperature and then molded directly to the patient’s foot by the Pedorthist.

Gait Scan

We have the patient casually walk across a digital force platform that is capable of capturing how your weight reacts to the ground as well as the patient’s unique pressure points. A mold of the patient’s foot will be taken by one of the previously mentioned techniques to manufacture your custom-made foot orthotic.


At DVO we do not make a single type of orthotic. We are our own lab so we are free to choose our orthotic style and materials carefully to meet each patient’s specific needs. The Pedorthist will use the taken mold to create the custom-made orthotic to fit the patient’s exact foot shape and contours. Once fabricated, our C.PED(C)’s use a special machinery and grinders to smooth and shape the orthotic to precise accuracy and comfort.

To book a consultation, call or email us using the form conveniently located on this page.

Custom Orthotic Footwear

We stock stylish and comfortable orthotic footwear.

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